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Templating the World - Confession 21

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Posted on Thursday 31.07.2014 21:59:40 by Shinmera.

I have yet to find a single templating system I like, and I've even written my own. Multiple times. Yet, every time I do and every time I look at an existing one, there's just always so many things that bother me and I have yet to figure out a system that I might even begin to like.

The Impossibility of You - Confession 20

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Posted on Wednesday 30.07.2014 21:55:10 by Shinmera.

A thought game I frequently come back to is how impossible it is for the human mind to imagine being anything but itself. More specifically, we are not able to properly imagine what it would be like to be someone else. This is interesting because we so often like to pretend that we can.

A Code Interlude - Confession 19

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Posted on Tuesday 29.07.2014 22:01:32 by Shinmera.

As I could not come up with an idea for a confession all day, I present to you two small Common Lisp utility packages I wrote today. One of them is actually useful since it provides a very convenient way to benchmark your functions. The other is a very minimal implementation of something shell-like in CL.

It's Not Easy - Confession 18

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Posted on Monday 28.07.2014 14:41:30 by Shinmera.

Since I have no other ideas and my mind is once more bogged down with stressful thoughts I guess it's alright to write another rant about real life happenings for once.

Summertag - Confession 17

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Posted on Friday 25.07.2014 21:59:47 by Shinmera.

This is another story of Monika, but as an experiment I'm going to write it in Swiss German. Apologies to literally everyone else who might read this as I doubt you'll ever be able to. I'd love it if you could, though! The title means 'Summer days'.

Of Sun and Rain (former) | Confession 16

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Posted on Wednesday 23.07.2014 19:38:02 by Shinmera.

Please read Of Sun and Rain (latter) first.

Of Sun and Rain (latter) - Confession 15

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Posted on Tuesday 22.07.2014 16:37:09 by Shinmera.

Radiance? - Confession 14

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Posted on Monday 21.07.2014 14:23:30 by Shinmera.

When I initially picked up Common Lisp my intention was to rewrite TyNET in it, with the focus on making a properly usable and extensible web framework that other people could profit from as well. And while that did indeed happen to an extent it was not satisfying to me and I felt like the old approach of just going at it would not yield respectable results.

A Peculiar Day Pt. 9 「The End」 - Confession 13

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Posted on Sunday 20.07.2014 13:34:49 by Shinmera.

A Peculiar Day Pt. 8 - Confession 12

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Posted on Friday 18.07.2014 13:15:57 by Shinmera.