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How to do Prefetching Right

in Tech
Posted on Friday 04.04.2014 17:53:07 by Shinmera.

Web2.0 and interactive pages are all the rage. One of these fancy schmancy new idioms is to fetch the content of the next page once you reach the bottom of the current page in browser. This can be very convenient, but sadly most of the time it's implemented in a manner that makes it a huge pain in the ass instead. I'll explain what you have to do to get it right and why it's dumb in most cases.

Server Talk

in Site Updates
Posted on Saturday 22.03.2014 00:16:42 by Shinmera.

The current TyNET setup is composed of three different vServers, Future, Plasma and Photon. This might change soon, since I'm paying too much for the amount of power I'm getting.

Webdesign - Structure

in Tech
Posted on Wednesday 26.02.2014 17:27:56 by Shinmera.

This might become a series of blog posts discussing a few aspects of webdesign and giving general guidelines and tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and on how to get the proper mindset to think about the problems in this area. The first thing I'll talk about is structure.

Re-Boot Revealed

in Misc
Posted on Monday 24.02.2014 11:28:25 by Shinmera.

Some time ago I was working on an MSPA-like webcomic called Re-Boot. You can go read it here if you feel like going through hundreds of posts of not much really happening. I am great at advertising my things. Anyway, this blog post is about explaining the background behind everything and revealing the thoughts that went into it.

About Incentive

in Rants
Posted on Sunday 23.02.2014 22:46:28 by Shinmera.

A while back I realized a rather unsettling, but very obvious truth about how the human mind works. It at least gave me an explanation as to why I've been struggling with motivation myself. This blog is about this truth and my way of dealing with it so far.

A while ago I was asked to write an introduction to programming, preferably about Java. However, writing yet another beginners tutorial seems a bit boring and without challenge to me, so I set out to do something different. Instead of a tutorial, I will try to formulate a few core concepts and ideas about computing that should be able to be applied everywhere.

Building TyNETv5 Pt. 20 - Roundup

in TymoonNexT
Posted on Thursday 13.02.2014 23:04:52 by Shinmera.

A number of things have happened since I last wrote an entry and I'm currently testing out and fixing as many bugs as I can find (with some testing help by @suntomic) so I can wrap this up neatly and hopefully bring a running instance up on the weekend.

Building TyNETv5 Pt. 19 - Renovation

in TymoonNexT
Posted on Monday 20.01.2014 21:47:20 by Shinmera.

About a month and over 100 commits later, it's almost done. I'm closing in on the final stage of the radiance interface rewrite. All modules compile without warnings and all that's left to do now is to test their functionality and fix all bugs that will inevitably arise during this. After that I can finally merge back into master and push the new radiance version.


in Casual
Posted on Monday 30.12.2013 18:10:00 by Shinmera.

Instead of trying to write an entry about my first semester at University, I'll instead revisit the entire year and go over some more or less noteworthy things.

Building TyNETv5 Pt. 18 - Heated Core

in TymoonNexT
Posted on Thursday 26.12.2013 12:57:57 by Shinmera.

I haven't worked on TyNET in a long time and the main reason why I've held off working on it was a set of problems that have been bugging me for a very long time. I've held off continuing with the rest of the project until I found a solution for them as going on would've only made everything worse in the end.